Eev4 not ready for production

Hi Everyone

I am a HUGE fan of Easy Engine.

I just installed EEv4 on a new server. Great. ONLY EE was installed.

Setup a site… Great

performance seems way better than V3… great

wanted to migrate site… cant use ftp… symlinks don’t work… fixed it myself… not so great

rebooted server… cant connect to site. Error 502.

Restarted NGINX-Proxy ---- nothing.
Restarted EE services ---- nothing.

Deleted VPS…

Started new site on old VPS with v3.

If a server needs to be rebooted and the sites don’t come up… EEv4 becomes POINTLESS.

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Symbolic links do work, I’ve migrated /var/lib/docker/volumes to /home and all 27 sites are working.

How did you migrate? from /var/lib/docker/volumes to /home ? I’m facing the same challange!

Just use mv then ln -s

Want to migrate from one server to another internal server. (I can do a backup and restore of a site if needed)

My BIGGEST issue is the fact that after a reboot the docker containers dont start properly.

This was on a bare 18.04 VPS with latest updates installed. Then EEv4.

Did you shut down the containers before moving the volumes directory?

Simply follow this article and migrate to EE V4 with ease.

Hope it helps


I did follow the guide.

The point is. After a server reboot. Your sites need to become avay immediately.

They were not.

Rebooted several times.

Then read that I needed to rename the containers

What’s the point if I reboot my server then I should not have to rename my containers. They should be up by default.

You need not. Either reboot it once again or restart all the containers by using
docker restart $(docker ps -a -q)

Hope it solves your issue.

I’ve just found out that moving the volumes directory and then symbolic linking it will cause permission issues. Deleting a site will not delete its volumes so the correct way is to use mount --bind.

mv /var/lib/docker/volumes /home
mkdir /var/lib/docker/volumes
mount --bind /home/volumes /var/lib/docker/volumes

This will link it correctly and allow it to delete the containers. However, it will unmount when the server reboots and will not remount so to fix this, add this entry to /etc/fstab.

/home/volumes   /var/lib/docker/volumes none    bind    0 0