EEv4 Current Status (4.0.10) - So close yet so far


Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the next release.


It tends to be the little things that frustrate so badly. The update that won’t update without an error, or the fact that you have to edit the NginX config for every site just to make it ‘leverage browser caching’, which at worst should have been a command line switch, or at best the default condition. There seems to be no development feedback that fixes these things or lets you know how important they are to the user.


Hi @Helmi, if you’re still interested in my docker stack then come check it out. It’s nowhere near as polish as EEv4 but built with EE as the inspiration. Special thanks to VirtuBox for the NGINX and PHP configs.

For now it only works with a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04.


I saw the hassle coming early, left EE for Webinoly in december.

Unfortunately the lack of communication and a very unstable product made me leave.


Same here, now running WPMU subdomain with mapped domains smoothly with webinoly.


Well I also left EE4, first the migration failed, then I saw that a fresh install required a lot of work to get a server with multiple websites working properly. In my case the docker approach increase the amount of work to config many websites. EE4 seems to leave the easy-lightweight path which is very frustrating.

Anyway, I used EE for years and I’m very grateful to the project contributors. Now I’m using WordOps which is a great upgrade of EE3 but keeps the same smooth workflow for me.


I made my own stack because EE had a lot of features that I don’t use; #1 being the most annoying.

  1. NGINX auto redirection to first made site
  2. Don’t need MailHog (since I don’t dev locally anymore and use
  3. Don’t use multisite (it’s messy when exporting/importing a network)
  4. Don’t use redis
  5. Don’t use New Relic (whatever that is)

And more importantly #6 EEv4 installs a bunch of dependencies into the host OS. I tried to make my stack independent from the host by installing everything into my images.


hi Chip, or anyone… how many sites can you run on a Wordops install… say with 2meg or 4 meg of RAM? Thanks!


How to resolve git hub issue.