EE4 version of how to delete EE3's /var/log/mysql/mariadb-bin logs

So EE3 had a big issue is eating up my disk space from MariaDB log files. This thread was able to help me find the source of those log files and purge them

and @virtubox 's solution also helped me to comment out a couple of lines in my.conf that would prevent the logging from happening at all. I don’t need these logs since I don’t use “replication”

So now I am logging into my EE4 instance and since everything is using Docker. . .these files are in completely different places.

I am curious to learn where these MariaDB log files are (so I can delete them)

And I would love to learn how I can edit the my.conf file so that I can edit out the three lines mentioned in this post

Okay, so I was able to find out where the my.conf file was located from a previous thread that I had created

But it’s telling me the logging location is at

  • /var/log/mysql/mariadb-bin

Which is not an accessible file directory (likely because of the docker thing.

So I was able to comment out those lines that I needed, but my VPS instance is still using 59% of 100GB on just three wordpress installs so I need to find out where those logs are and delete them

The configuration file for mysql binlog is present here: /opt/easyengine/services/mariadb/conf/conf.d/ee.cnf

Update it and then run ee service restart db (Note: This will lead to a small downtime till mysql service restarts).

The log files are present at the location: /opt/easyengine/services/mariadb/logs

Recommended reads for more info:

Have also created an issue to get the process of disabling mysql binlog documented. Logrotate is also underway which will resolve the disk space filling issue.

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you are the man, thank you so much