EE4 question about ee.conf and update site(SSL)

2 questions, any help is appreciated.

Is there config file in EE4 like EE3’s /etc/ee/ee.conf that I can pre-configure WP admin username & password and asking db name while creating a site?

In EE3, if I didn’t setup SSL for a site. I can use ee site update to apply new SSL and turn the site into https. How can we make it in EE4?

@JackWu EE4’s config file is at /opt/easyengine/config/config.yml. However currently, you cannot configure WP admin username/password or database name in it.

You can still configure those values for per site basis.

ee site create --type=wp --admin-user=username --admin-pass=password

To see all available parameters of WordPress site creation, run

ee site create --type=wp --help

Got it, thanks.

  1. No, I brought this up in the GitHub issues area and was told that no, you cannot add ssl to a website made in EE4 if it wasn’t made with ssl from the start.

They said they would try to fit it into another RC update, or even the final EE4 release, but alluded to the fact that it might not make it into the first stable release of EE4 at all :frowning:

Thanks for your reply. I do hope some good things should be kept, like ee update.

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