EE --wpfc modifies sitemap url and does not revert when disabled


I’m having an issue with viewing my sitemap.xml in wordpress after activating and then de-activating the --wpfc option

Details below…

Replicate: -> returns normal url as expected ->

ee site update --wpfc -> -> returns modified url ->

ee site update --wp (to go back to normal wp install) -> -> still returns modified url -> I need it to go back to /sitemap.xml

How do I fix this?

As currently it’s breaking my sitemap links!

Many thanks Sean


Commenting out the entire Yoast block in: /etc/nginx/common/wpcommon.conf has fixed it for now and made sitemap.xml work once again.

Not really a fix though as the next EE Update is going to wipe that change out.

Any ideas of a more long-term solution?

Thanks Sean

p.s I’m not using yoast in WP, just simple sitemap xml and also sometimes google xml sitemap plugin.