Ee with SPDY and MariaDB?


Hey Guys, Have you thought about adding SPDY built in for https sites. I just started to use ee and the work you have done is just awesome. I’m actually planning to use it on a new server I’m building but I decided to make all sites https all the time. It’s not something I want to do without SPDY due to performance. If this is not something you plan on adding is there a guide you can point me at to setup SPDY with ee. Also have you considered replacing MySql for MariaDB? I have been running a DB server with 59 WordPress DB’s for over a month with no issues.



Hmm, No response? I would think more people would like to run SPDY on their servers. Is anyone running SPDY on ee?

Actually the perfect setup would be SPDY, Nginx, HHVM, MariaDB. Am I hoping for too much?


SPDY is already supported by nginx installed by EasyEngine.

Major benefit with SPDY is for SSL sites. We do not have SSL site support in easyengine as of now.

When we will add SSL site handling, they will have SPDY by default.

You can add SPDY manually with other SSL related config. All you need to do is add spdy to listen line like in following example:

        listen 443 ssl spdy;  

For MariaDB, we have already decided to go with Percona-MySQL for future releases.

For HHVM, work has already begun

Clarify MariaDB or Percona

Also ssl-related guides can be found here:

SSL Performance optimization:


Thanks for the answer. I had no idea you compiled nginx with SPDY. I set listen 443 ssl spdy; and all is working great. I should of just tried it before I posted. I never heard of Percona-MySQL before and it looks like a great choice. Looking forward to it even though I run a separate DB server. I’ll probably setup a second DB server to test Percona-MySQL.



Hello @aronwp,

I hope your query is resolved. I am closing this support topic for now.

Feel free to create a new support topic if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: