EE + W3tc + nginx fastcgi_cache

do you recommend w3tc or wpsc for easyengine ?

and how about installing ee site create --wpfc and installing WPTC plguin ?

will be there any problem ?


We recommend wpfc (Nginx FastCGI Cache) for EasyEngine.

ee site create --wpfc  

The above command also install two plugins

  1. Nginx-Helper
  2. W3-Total-Cache

We never used WPTC plugin so don’t say anything about WPTC plugin but EasyEngine works fine with most of plugins.

If you face some issue let me know

Hi Mitesh Shah.

Using that command is extremely easy to install wordpress in a DigitalCloud droplet performing really well. Looking at the comment on the the EasyEngine’s page looks like you use W3 Total Cache for Object cache and Database Cache with Memcache. I’ve looked for some tutorial here
on how to get this setup properly but couldn’t find any.

Can you share the optimal settings for the W3-Total Cache plugin after installing wordpress using the ee site create --wpfc command?

Many thanks

W3 Total Cache plugin provides many options. I will recommend using the given below:

Database Cache – Memcache  
Object Cache - Memcache  
Browser Cache – Disabled  
CDN – You can use any CDN. Origin Pull is recommended. Check CDN Setup Guides for details.  

Increase Max Memory memcache can use
By default, its 64MB. You may need more depend upon RAM

Open /etc/memcached.conf   
Look for value -m 64  
Change it to -m 1024  
Restart memcached  service memcached restart  

Thank you Mitesh, very helpful. I’m only using the smallest Droplet, 512mb RAM so I’m guessing I need a lower setting. I’ll try with -m 256 and see what happens.
Thanks again.

Do I have to change any of the settings on Nginx-Helper Plugin.

Just installed wordpress using your recommendations.

Thank you,



You need to Enable “Enable Cache Purge” option
You can find more details at

Thank you.