Ee v4 WordPress site migration, deleted object-cache.php


Hi there. I’ve just migrated a WordPress website ( manually ) from another server to a new one using ee v4.

As a reference, bellow is the commands I’ve used to create the site:

ee site create type=wp php=latest --cache --dbhost=localhost --dbuser=username --dbpass=password --ssl=le --wildcard

As a result, by using the --cache flag, I’ve noticed that after the site creation, that was a file named “object-cache.php” under /opt/easyengine/sites/ which I accidentally deleted.

I’m not sure now if that will be an issue when I activate the recommended WP Redis plugin.

Does anyone know if the contents of the object-cache.php file is tuned up specifically for the domain?

Any way to recreate the file (setting the proper permissions), perhaps from easyengine repositories, docs etc?

I’d really appreciate any help regarding this issue.