EE V4? Docker, nginx wordpress ssl confusing

Hi everyone, I’m not sure if i am in right topic (please move this post if i am at wrong place)
I have installed docker, docker-compose and docker engine on my local machine and some vps servers
also ee which i guess is V4 using this command after installing php7.2
wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee

on my local machine i created 2 example sites using this kind of command:
sudo ee site create --ssl=self --type=wp
and i can access them via https without problem.

on the servers when i go to server url (port 80) i get 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
and if i go to https i can see the wordpress site is there, but without css, js (my guess, as i see the layout is so ugly) and when i click on link to login or whatever then it will take a long time and then error.

Any idea what could be the problem?
some redirect loop?
css, js cannot be loaded?
something else?

one of my server is at: - https, but no css and cannot log in, and if you remove s in http then the 503 error from nginx wil be shown.

I am a little confused. Did you install all those before installing ee for a specific reason? ee installs everything it needs with that one line command, you are not supposed to install docker, php etc first, it installs and configured all of that for you. So you might have conflicting software installed now. If possible uninstall everything or if it’s easy for you to wipe the vps and start over. All you need to do is first sudo apt-get update then apt-get upgrade to upgrade your base OS. Then run the ee install command (again as sudo)

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