EE V4 + Cloudflare + SSL Full (strict)

Is that all right?

Is there not yet a real solution to use EE v4 with SSL and Clouflare? I’m not talking about the SSL provided by Cloudflare, the flexible, but rather an SSL installed by EE v4.

When we have EE V4 installed with multiple sites, we can not use SSL for everyone, only for 1, because if installed on all, ALL sites are redirected to the first site that was installed SSL.

In other words, it does not work, unlike the V3 version that works perfectly SSL + Cloudflare for each of the sites, without redirect errors.

It’s weird that it would regress instead of getting better, wouldn’t it? Because if SSL + Cloudflare works in v3 version, why wouldn’t it work on V4 which is something improved?

Is there a solution?

When SSL on EE4 is turned ON, cloudflare SSL must be set to FULL
When SSL on EE4 is turned OFF, cloudflare SSL must be set to FLEXIBLE
Otherwise site will not load

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