Ee update command error


Hi Guys,

Im getting error outputs with really basic commands. Any guidance?

ee update

Error: ‘update’ is not a registered ee command. See ‘ee help’ for available commands.


The command on ee4 to check for an update is ee cli check-update and to update ee cli update.

See this page for CLI commands but you should also have a read through the commands page to familiarise yourself with all the commands beyond ee cli, so you know how to create/modify a site or do whatever else you need to do. It has changed a little bit since v3, but in my opinion now it is much simpler and cleaner, and you’ll memorise it all quickly I’m sure.

And by the way, when you need help with a certain command, let’s say for example you need help with the site command, then you would type ee help site. This will give you help on the site command. You can also get help with sub commands too which is really useful, so if you wanted help with creating a site you would run ee help site create or ee help site update to learn how to update your site to have an SSL certificate, for example.


Thanks for your help with this Msarhan,

Seems like a lot has moved into the CLI from V3.

Hopefully will get the hang of all the hold commands.