Ee stack upgrade not upgrading NGINX

I have currently Nginx/1.10.0 installed on my EE enabled server. When I try to upgrade this with the command:

ee stack upgrade

Nginx still remains the same version even though the latest stable version is 1.10.2.

What should I do?

Hey I’m not 100% but would say that even though NGINX has a later version EE has not yet included it. That’s my first thought but like I said I am not 100% sure how they go about installing all the packages.

That’s it.

EE uses a repo that’s not getting much updates because the entire EasyEngine is being rewritten.

Just wondering is there a recommended order to updating e.g. EE update then apt-get update &&a apt-get upgrade

@rexi88 – Did you figure this out?

Nope. Just been doing both. First EE then apt-get. Haven’t had any issues but was interested on how it works.