Ee site enable - "site does not exisit"

I have setup a wordpress with easyengine. The test site with ip address is fine, so I am moving my domain to this server.

Used this command: ee site enable

It shows this result: site does not exisit

What would be wrong?

Just to be clear;

  1. The site exists now on a different hosting environment?
  2. You installed EasyEngine on another hosting environment / server?
  3. The new site from #2 works via IP address, but not via a domain name?

When you did step 2, what command did you issue to EasyEngine

If you check /etc/nginx/sites-available/ do you see a file for the site in #2? If so does that match what you expect the domain name to be?

Basically site ‘ does not exist’ is saying it can’t find an entry in /sites-available/ to link for /sites-enabled/ – a bit more info will help us to understand why

– note I don’t work for rtCamp, just helping with community support.

Hi Davidedwards,

Thanks for the reply.

I entered up rebuilding my server with my domain name that I intend to use.

I find it hard to migrate a domain to the ip address.