Ee site commands return "site does not exist" error - does not appear in DB at /var/lib/ee/ee.db

I have installed a number of WordPress sites on my server using ee including one I created just two months ago. I went in today to add a LetsEncrypt certificate to that particular site, but received a “site does not exist” error.

Running ee site list displays every other site, but not this one. I also reviewed /var/lib/ee/ee.db, every other site is listed, but this particular site is not listed.

To confirm that I did actually use ee to create the site, I reviewed /var/log/ee/ee.log and it does show where ee created the site. For whatever reason, it just did not get into the ee database.

Note that the site does exist and works fine. I have also confirmed that the WordPress database is accessible using the password EE provided upon creation. I just can’t use ee to maintain the site (such as using ee to add a letsencrypt certificate).

Not sure why the error happened, but I am more focused figuring out the best approach to fix it so that I can use ee going forward.

I have not identified any way to add a previously created site to the ee database. I assume there is no such answer.

I did see this conversation - does not exist in database - and can set up the site again and migrate the old database if appropriate. However, since ee was used to create the site, I want to be careful that I don’t create any new errors by running a new create (not to mention that I would love to avoid the database migration time).

Should I re-create the site as noted above? Or is there a way to have the database recognize the site?

As always, thanks for the terrific tool.

Try ee sync

Thanks for the suggestion. I had tried that with no effect.

I ended up just migrating the site to a different server and it is working fine, so we can close this topic.