[EE] Need some Help and Explanations

Hi, first I would like to say thanks to thi engine that help people to easily set up a wordpress and stuff on the server. But I do still need some help and explanation even there are some documents there.

  1. I’ve installed Phpmyadmin with ee stack install --phpmyadmin, how do I access it ? I have 3 sites running let say + idv.com +idevangelist.com +example.com, how to access phpmyadmim ? When i’m accessing idevangelist.com/phpmyadmin/ it shows 403 forbidden.

  2. Those 3 sites are in 1 digitalocean droplet, and I add idevangelist.com in ‘networking’ to the droplet that I use, my questions are how that idv.com and example.com domains can be pointed to the droplet ? Or let say just by " ee site create aaa.com " how to point the aaa.com domain to the current host/server ?

  3. I’m currently migrating my website, I made a backup using backup buddy which is to restore the site, its says do not install wordpress, just run the imporbuddy.php and it will extract the site files which is backed up in .zip, So to backup it I just run " ee site create idevangelist.com " without “–wp”, then I would restore it by idevangelist.com/importbuddy.php, but how do I restore it if i can’t even access my web yet? seems the domain idevangelist.com isn’t work yet (yes i have point it / add it to the ‘networking’ on DO.

  4. I haven’t create any ssl statement on the server, but why when I’m open my idevangelist.com it is forced to https not http? (Yes it was https on the previous server. But have pointed the domain to DO already)

  5. Which are the best option between wordpress with supercache, or total cache, or nginx cache.

These are my questions, Sorry if it so many questions I ask, Thank you.