EE missing php mbstring support?

I just installed the latest version of EE for the first time (PHP5.6, not PHP7) but due to EE’s PHP is missing mbstring suppport, I can’t enable WP Multibyte Patch which is required to run Japanese sites.

I’d like to know why this feature isn’t available as default. n/w I have tried following commands to setup mbstring but couldn’t make it work yet…

ee stack upgrade php
sudo apt-get install php-mbstring

Same here!

After upgrading, no more access to phpmyadmin due to this missing setting. Seems as if the installed php5.6 and php7 in latest version were compiled without that extension.

Please fix this as soon as possible @harshadyeola @Prabuddha ! :smile:


can you install these packages for admin tools?

We will include them in our next release.

apt-get install php5.6-mbstring php5.6-bcmath

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Thanks @harshadyeola !

It fixed php myadmin issue!

I like all the new features!! php7 <3

Installed easyengine on 3 client servers now running 15 sites and 2 customer management systems :))

Thanks for the correct code. I was in a hurry, so I had to switch to serverpilot (which has default support for mbstring and domdocument).

EE also is missing domdocument support along with mbstring, so I hope you’ll reconsider adding these by default.

this has already been figured out.
check here:

its not missing domdocument support but xml support. actually it is not ee missing that support, but the php compilation, which was compiled without these modules. So the modules have to be installed manually to extend the php version by xml support, mbstring support and bcmath support as well as memcahed, that has somehow vanished from servers that were upgraded to ee 3.5.0

this can be accomplished by a single command:

apt-get install php5.6-mbstring php5.6-bcmath php5.6-xml memcached

run this afterwards and you are good to go:

service nginx restart && service memcached restart


Did above steps resolve issue for W3TC with memcached on your site?

btw, thanks for the latest updates which fixed the problems.