EE for other PHP script, Is it possible?

Does EE install SPDY and ngx_pagespeed module for Nginx? Is it possible to replace default mysql with MariaDB 10? What PHP version it installed? Is it possible to have PHP 5.6.0? It can be use for other script not wordpress? Like XenForo?


If you are using Ubuntu, SPDY is available with Nginx, Pagespeed is also availbale with nginx-pagespeed you need to install mannully though.

We have not used Maria DB with EasyEngine yet. But there are some tutorials avaible for EasyEngine on Maria DB.

you can see php version with command php -v. EasyEngine comes with EasyEngine 5.5. We have PHP 5.6 on our roadmap.

YOu can use EasyEngine for non wordpress using ee site create --php

I thought EE is just for Ubuntu? Also compatible with CentOS?

What is the default Mysql server installed by the way? Percona?

Ah so all software is dependent on your repo?

EasyEngine is compatible to Ubuntu and Debain only. In our Ubuntu Nginx Repo we have addded package Nginx-Pagespeed wich support Pagespeed. In upcoming releases we are going to add this package deafult.

Currently we are installing MySQL from Ubuntu Repo. In next relese we are going to make Percona default

For Ubuntu we are using Nginx only from our repo. PHP is installed from Ondrej Suri repo. MySQL installed from Ubuntu repo.

Hello, We have added article for EasyEngine with Pagespeed. Ref:


Love this!

Since memcached is installed by default with EE, maybe you guys can add pagespeed to use memcached in your pagespeed.conf, ie:

pagespeed MemcachedServers “”;

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Nice idea! :smile:

@miteshshah please test this on and some other servers. Need to see how much RAM pagespeed-memcache uses. If its way too much then we can avoid making this default and instead move to documentation.

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Hi @RoldanLT, @faizi , @rahul286

It’s been a long time, and we haven’t heard from you guys .

Since all the issues mentioned on this thread have been properly addressed to, I am closing this support topic for now.

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