EE for lowend vps and simpler sites. how to reduce memory usage

first i want to thank rtcamp team for making this useful server configuration automation app.
on a low end vps with 1gb ram, fresh ubuntu 14.04 using “ee site create -wpredis”, my memory gets occupied by ~80%. before running ee, memory used whas only 6%.
using htop command i realised many mysql processes are consuming memory.
i could not find simple explanation on how ee makes servers use all their potential and thought maybe this is why all my memory is occupied.
it would be somehow useful if you tell us how we can use ee on a lowend vps with less memory consumption.

Hi @kordeviant Try adding following lines to “/etc/redis/redis.conf”

maxmemory 512mb

maxmemory-policy volatile-lru

Play little bit with maxmemory variable by reducing the memory value , and see if this helps you, If not , Please let me know .

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i rebooted my vps and at first memory was at 8% then after reaching my site it came up again. i then tried to manually configure mysql conf “/etc/mysql/my.cnf”(i guess) and reduce some parameters and achieved memory level on 50%. redis actually was not consuming much memory at a fresh install but thanks i will look into that conf too.