Ee-cron-scheduler shut down after ee site delete command - All ee-cron jobs no longer run

I am reviewing all the various docker settings to learn the inner workings. I was reviewing the docker network settings when I created a new site. I then deleted the site after inspecting the changes. The ee-cron-scheduler is no longer running after deleting a site. Tried rebooting the system. ee-cron-scheduler still not running.

After diving into the codeā€¦

When you do a ee site delete command, the ee-cron-schedule container is stopped to remove any site specific cron jobs. It is never restarted.

Temporary work around:

  1. check if ee-cron-scheduler is running. The ee-cron-scheduler should be listed.
docker ps
  1. If not, then the only way to restart it is to create a new cron job.
ee cron create <site name> --command='wp cron event run --due=now' --schedule='@every 15m'

This will create the cron job and will start the ee-cron-scheduler container. Check if the container is running.

docker ps
  1. Now, we want to delete the cron job just created.
ee cron list <site name>

Get the number of the cron job just created.

ee cron delete <number>

This will restart the ee-cron-scheduler and life will be back to normal.

There is a noted issue at github: