Ee 3.7.0


I saw a new update for ee 3.7 do we have any changelog?

HHVM vs PHP7: rtCamp/EE official recommendation?

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Good News, time to go Debian?


I don’t know. I don’t plan leaving Ubuntu.


We can a start a conversation here which is better and why?


I don’t recommend debian after two complete install with many errors. Wait for some news …


@virtubox Can you please share those error with us. So that we can fix those as much as possible and can make EasyEngine experience even better for all the debian users.

p.s: You can use pastebin or similar website to share long results.

Thank you.


I will look into my logs to see if I found the errors, because I already have reinstalled some VPS with ubuntu 14.04. But for what I remember, I haven’t succeed to use eeasyengine with php7 and redis cache on ubuntu 16.04 and on debian 8. With debian 8 the errors started from the easyengine install and no way to access to the wordpress front page. I will reinstall a vps with this setup and post the logs here asap.


Here the pastebin for debian 8 with nginx, redis and php7


Debian 8 ee stack install --php7 attempt.

Not working for us, on Debian 8.5, quite yet.

Any other thoughts on installing PHP7 with Debian Jessie?


@bamajr & @virtubox Regarding the php7 installation on Debian issue. A hotfix will soon be released addressing the same. As for the rest issues, we are currently working on that and will release a fix for them very soon.

Thank you for your patience.


Don’t worry, I have lost 3 hours with this error when I have already setup many other without problems. We don’t waste our time with EE :slight_smile: