Editing CSS of buttons

Hi there,
I am using Jetpack to edit the CSS of the InspireBook theme. I have been able to change the header colour to that of my liking and also changed various aspects of the design etc.
I would like to edit the colour (and maybe style) of the generic input buttons e.g. “Logout” etc but can’t seem to do this?
I would normally add CSS similar to this:
input[type=button] {
background-color: #00356E;
This does not work though. Can anyone advise the best way to edit the buttons on this theme?
Thanks, Ben!

Hello Ben,

This seems to be specificity issue, you will need to add proper specificity or selectors to modify CSS in InspireBook theme.

In your case, you will need to use the following code to modify buttons style,

input[type=button], input[type=submit], .button, button { background-color: #00356E; }

Also, you can use !important in CSS to increase the priority of your custom styles.

Thank you Manish! That worked...I didn't realise I would need to be so specific with the items listed to be changed. Looks like it is working better now.

Thanks again!

Glad to know it works for you :)