Edit Media Buttons

Was wondering if someone can give me some CSS help. The edit button for Details & image look horrible
on my site. I use the Razor theme but I thought I would start here first… It looks like this is controlled in the main.css file but that file is just one big long line of code.

Any suggestion on how I can fix this?
Edit Media

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You can use rtMedia custom css option in rtMedia admin setting. From there you can write custom css for rtMedia.

I know that. What code would control these buttons? What code do you suggest I add?

Following css selector controls those buttons -> .rtmedia-container .tabs dd

Do you guys have a list of what CSS controls what? That would be helpful and I would not have to bug you guys as often

No we doesn’t have any list of that.
You can do it by your self that what controls what by just inspecting that element.
I hope you are getting my point.

I don’t. So if I fork out 150 bucks am I going to get the same vague support?

It is your theme issue. You should contact your theme developers. If you check with WordPress default theme than you can see it is working fine.