EC2 Disk full error establishing connection mysql failed to start

hi, As several topics my issue is same I am new to NGINX EE nd every thing :slight_smile: I setup my WP site and migrated it to nginx I have been receiving too much DB connection error I ran df -h it told drive 100% full /dev/xvda1 7.8G 7.4G 0 100% / I restarted ee stack restart it told mysql failed to restart I checked logs that consumming my storages

Tell me what should I do to cycle logs or delete them secuarly and how to eleminate these troubles completely in future

Try the same setup with a vps from linode, digitalocean, vultr or ovh and tell us if you have the same issue. Because I have no idea if thatโ€™s an error with the templates from AWS

Well I just tried logrotate as in turorials section and just increased my volume from AWS all working fine so far thanks