EasyEngine v4 and SFTP apps access approach should be addressed asap!

EE v4 is indeed a great enhancement, but I’m sure a lot of people out there are a GUI guy like me and do prefer to transfer files in real time while editing/saving files through SFTP apps.

Just to name a few, apps like Transmit, Coda, Cyberduck, FileZilla, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text etc., are almost useless for now. A proper access to the website’s contents should be addressed asap!

EE v4 dir/file structure is well organized and optimized for performance/security, which is good, but that fails to deliver non root users a proper way to access their website files and edit them without deeply messing around with the OS’s sftp config and user’s permissions.

I mean, I’m not an expert sysadmin, but I’m fine dealing with rsync, scp, mv, cp commands on a terminal, but that seems a bit counter-intuitive if I’m a developer editing my website’s files in an app like Visual Studio Code, for which I can set up an SFTP connection and have them uploaded on save.

Please set a high priority flag regarding this issue and provide us a simpler and automated way of dealing with that specific requirement.