Easyengine v3.8.1 optimization 10000 visitors


hello how to do an easyengine optimization which can lift 9000,10000 visitors instantaneously
Note: daily visitors total 300,000

System: 3.75 gb ram 1 CPU / Google Cloud


with only 4GB RAM and 1 CPU, even the most optimized configuration will not be able to handle 10K simultaneous visitors for a php based site (excepted if your site is a static html site).


There are currently 4,600 people in this system. cpu use rate between 20-30. what do you think?


Are you talking about 10K simultaneous visitors for a site with user interaction (login, register, add content) or about a fully cached site with static content ?


no, even the comments are closed. sharing only articles, wordpress Detube theme


with fastcgi_cache and a script to preload cache like this one : https://github.com/khromov/sitemap-cache-warmer.git, you should be able to handle the traffic.
But 4GB RAM and 1 CPU is still low for high-traffic.


I’m using wp rocket. Is this a problem? do I need to make other settings mysql, php7 bla bla


If you use wp-rocket, you should install rocket-nginx, it’s a config generator for WP-Rocket to directly serve cached page using Nginx without passing requests to WordPress.


how can I do ? what would you recommend


Just follow rocket-nginx installation steps (3 or 4 steps only) and that’s all.