EasyEngine’s NGINX build updated

Here’s the link for the latest blog post from EE.

EasyEngine now includes the latest NGINX 1.10.3 build that has a bunch of bug fixes. Fresh installs of EE will come with new NGINX build out of the box.

Easy Engine NGINX build Updated


Why not Ondřej Surý PPA for NGINX STABLE? Or rtCamp repository at Launchpad?

This update has caused more problems that it has fixed.

What are your referencing ?

The updated Nginx has caused the ‘ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR’ error occurring in chrome for me on a fresh install on a never before used server/domain .

So its bound to happen to other users who do fresh installs as well.

Maybe it’s that conf file It caused me errors with NGINX, fixed only after the previous conf file was back in place

Yes it was. I had opened a thread about it and posted the fix inside there as well so others who are experiencing the same problem could find it and fix it.

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