Easyengine fresh install getting nginx default page for pma, ee and example site

Hi, first easyengine seems to be a excellent way to configure a basic install. I am using a virtualbox Ubuntu 12.04 guest server on windows 7 host to test easyengine. The virtualbox is in bridged networking mode so it is online and I can access its ip from my windows host browser. I have another Ubuntu guest on the same VM with nginx and wp setup manually and it works perfectly and I can access the wordpress test site from my windows machine

I followed the easyengine basic 3 step install process to test a default wp single site. (I did not get the mysql or postfix prompts during install) though the install went smoothly with no errors. I got a prompt for http auth which I left blank.

On the easyengine install guest VM, every time I try to access the wp site I get the default nginx page. I entered the server as and the server name as localhost in /sites-enabled/default. And entered the windows machine ip in the acl.conf file as allowed. Restarted nginix but cannot access the wp install from the windows host. Every time I type the guest ip - or ee I get the nginx default screen. For wordpress I get the index page without any formatting but cannot login.

Any help will be appreciated.


Ok, basically I figured this out. I had to make some changes to my Windows hosts file. I have got wordpress running on the Ubuntu guest and can access it from the Win7 host now. I can now also access /ee /pma

I am in Virtualbox bridged networking mode, so the guest OS looks like any other machine on the local network and gets provided an ip by my wifi router and has local network and internet access. In Nginx I provided the guest ip as the 'location' in default in my case 1921.68.1.4:80. And provided the server name as a random server name testserver.com. I also made a change in /etc/nginx/common/acl.conf and added guest ip to the allow list.

I then added testserver.com to the Windows hosts file to resolve to testserver.com On nginx restart I can now access the wordpress site at example.com and ee and pma at example.com/ee and example.com/pma


Hello @raul,

Glad to know that you figure it out here is some more details you asked in your first question

Latest easyengine setup mysql root password at /root/.my.cnf

EasyEngine will ask for HTTP authentication username and password. If you press enter then used default value easyengine/easyengine as HTTP Authentication .