EasyEngine Email Integration

Just curious, how is the email integration coming and do we have an eta for next release?

I’m looking to move into production mode for a system using EE and would like to configure email; should I follow https://rtcamp.com/tutorials/mail/server/postfix-dovecot-ubuntu/ or do you think the email release will be soon (next few weeks?)

Follow the guide :slight_smile: it’s a brease to walk true, and takes roughly 10-15 minutes to finish up.

There is one issue with the guide tho default password encryption in Vimbadmin is using MD5.SALT and Dovecot/Postfix would not agree with me on this.

So i had to change the encryption to MD5, still not found a work arround to get MD5.SALT up and running, still looking in to it since it’s stronger then just basic MD5 Encryption.

This is the section from application.ini that you need to find and edit.

; The password hashing function to use. Set to one of:
; “plain” - password stored as clear text
; “md5” - password hashed using MD5 without salt (PHP md5())
; “md5.salted” - password hashed using MD5 with salt (see below)
; “sha1” - password hashed using sha1 without salt
; “sha1.salted” - password hashed using sha1 with salt defined below
; “crypt:XXX” - call the PHP crypt function (with random salt) where XXX is one of: md5, blowfish, sha256, sha512
; “dovecot:XXX” - call the Dovecot password generator (see next option below) and use the
; scheme specified by XXX. To see available schemes, use ‘dovecotpw -l’
; or ‘doveadm pw -l’

defaults.mailbox.password_scheme = “md5”

dovecot:SHA512-CRYPT might work going to look in to it since this would be the strongest we can generate for Dovecot

We are planning to realese Mail Release in next few weeks- https://github.com/rtCamp/easyengine/issues/milestones
Its also good if you are doing it using our Guide. :slight_smile:

Is the mentioned tutorial set-up suppose to run on a different droplet? Or is it not a problem to run this on the same droplet your running wordpress websites (created with awesome Easy Engine).

p.s. Is the ee mail still coming?

ee mail is already in easy engine and the milestone was Closed on Sep 6. As for running them on the same server or not, I do. Not sure if it’s recommended or not.

edit : actually called ‘ee stack install mail’

Thanks I missed that one. EasyEngine is super awesome.

Now I’m wondering: Should I buy an extra droplet on Digital Ocean for a mailserver or extend the existing droplet and keep everything in one place. If someone could shed a light on this, that would be very helpful.

You don’t need to buy an extra droplet. Just upgrade your current droplet and it will be okay.

Hello @davidedwards

It’s been a long time, and we haven’t heard from you. It looks like your issue is resolved.

I am closing this support topic for now. Feel free to create a new support topic if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: