EasyEngine + Cloudflare + AmazonCloudfront CDN

So i was successfully able to by various settings in cloudflare and amazon cdn. However its was successfully only for a single site; probably most of us are using EE to host multiple domains in a single server; isnt it.

A lof of us use Amazon Cloudfront and even Cloudlare; but it was known that they just dont work well together; because of cloudflare universal SSL and you have to ignore that one; insteald you can turn off the ssl or set it to full.

post that:

The above solution really does wonder; However if you are hosting multiple domains; you face a serious probelm -

run this code true | openssl s_client -connect abc.com:443 -showcerts

you will notice that there’s only 1 server certificate ; probably the cert for the 1st domain which you created in a clean installation. Now if you’re willing to use Cloudfront with Cloudflare you should know that ssl values should be fully validated and correct; if not; cloudfront cant access your site or wont access your site.

Right now when u run the code and check any other site on the same server; you are getting the first ssl details; which shouldnt be.

Any solutions to this ?

PS: I was sleepy when writing this; probably would edit in after a nap.