EasyEngine and Let's Encrypt

Hey there,

Regardless if I include --letsencrypt when creating a site or updating it, I am always receiving the following messages:

Unable to setup, Let’s Encrypt Please make sure that your site is pointed to same server on which you are running Let’s Encrypt Client to allow it to verify the site automatically.

I checked a few things online and it seems there should be an ACME DNS thing that I 'd have to do with my domain name. Yet, I have no idea how to. It’s like a verification thingy so validate if the domain ownership.

What do yo guys think?


Hello, your have to set DNS records on your domain (domain.tld + www.domain.tld) to your server IP to be able to generate an SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt.

Yes, they are set that way. I even disabled Cloudflare for it. A record for domain.com and then CNAME www for domain.com pointed to the actual server thingy IP.