EasyEngine and Docker

I have seen a few things on here talking about docker. After a little google it appears easyengine is adapting it.

Anyone have any more info on this?


You can use docker easily and route your container with easyengine. I have made a gist with some useful command :

@rexi88 @virtubox Planning to make a Docker implementation of EE, any ideas/suggestions over that ?

Hey I haven’t had a chance to do it yet. But @virtubox gist looks quite easy.

Thank @virtubox looks good. Can you explain all the advantages of running it in Docker. Is all for security?

For security no, Docker require to be careful with updates to avoid security issues. But for several apps, it’s the easiest way to install them, and you can run apps without OS limitation, no problem to run Centos container on a Ubuntu VPS. And it can also improve performance by using memory instead of storage for your container.

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