Easyengine ACL.conf



I didn’t enter a password when installing. Now I would like to change it. So I made the change in ee.conf, but this change in ee.conf does not seem to reflect. The new password does not work and the old password continues to work. I also see a hashed htpasswd file in nginx folder with the default password but changing it does not affect anything.

Can you please let me know how we can change the acl.conf password post install.



At installation time easyengine setup the htpasswd and writes the details in ee.conf file so in case user forget the password then user can recover the htpasswd details from that file.

You can change the htpasswd by using following commands

printf "easyengine:$(openssl passwd -crypt easyengine 2> /dev/null)\n" > /etc/nginx/htpasswd-ee

replace easyengine with your htpasswd user/pass in above command.


Thanks Mitesh! That worked.

Cheers Raul