Easyengine 4 and IPV6


Which are the right files to add IPv6 to an site in Easyengine 4?


was overwritten after manual changes.


I have no experience with setting up IPV6 but if you are looking for the nginx config file for your site or even the global one you should look in the volumes folder within docker.


It should be in this specific folder


I know the default.conf file in there gets re-written but there should be a site specific one in there as well. I don’t think that was ever gets re-written.


Also tried it directly in


This file was definitely completely rewritten on each reboot!

The strange thing is, that when I setup the ethernet part for the machine, the website seems to be automatically be available over ipv6.

If I do

lsof -i :443

i see that the Docker is automatic available to ipv6. But regarding to the actual Nginx config this makes no sense. I disabled IPv4 and can confirm that the website is also automatically available over IPv6.


That’s why I mentioned the site specific conf file in the same folder. Try putting the settings in that file and see if that works. I am pretty sure the site specific file isn’t re-written after every restart.