EASYENGINE 3.7.4 IS BUGGED EasyEngine v3.7.4 is buggy, EasyEngine v3.7.4 is buggy

First of all, make sure for excellent work from rtcamp, very good! But what happens to your product, does not have qualified support, has no forum with updated content, errors in the new update and nobody knows what it is, you release new versions and do not test? it is? pow staff, let’s make a worthwhile material, I stop using other services to use your product, at first everything good and wonderful, but then starts the bugs and no one knows how to solve, do not get qualified material in the forums, I I see hundreds of unanswered questions, Here’s a tip here for you, EasyEngine 3.7.4 is having problems with ubuntu server installations 14.04 and 16.04, does not install wordpress sites, does not install mysql sites and other errors.

Let’s be more professional, check the versions before sending updates, our system is all bugged.