Easy Foundation Shortcodes Plugin Freezes WP Editor

Not sure if this is your issue, but When Easy Foundation Shortcodes (https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-foundation-shortcodes/) is active, in rtPanel theme using WP 4.0, the WP editor window 4.0 doesn’t scroll. Can’t see content below.

Please see screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/XhVrIngcQh

Hello Jeff1,

Thanks for pointing the issue and screenshot. There is small issue with css code.

You can solve this issue by adding following line of code in style.css.

html, body { height: auto; }

Or grab the updated rtPanel codes from here


Thanks for the link to the updated rtPanel. The latest in the WP Repository is 4.1.5. The one you pointed me to is 4.2.1. Why isn’t the latest in the repository? Just curious how are we supposed to know when things are updated.

I understand there is a changelog. Why doesn’t it have dates?


Hello Jeff1,

4.2.1 is development version of rtPanel. We will update it on WP repository soon.


Thanks, but that fix doesn’t work for me. I can not get to content in the Visual Editor. In the Text editor, I can see everything. But the Visual Editor doesn’t scroll.

I grabbed the updated rtPanel from your link.

Please see this screenshot for a better view how the editor screen does not expand: http://screencast.com/t/tmQDtQwyhjt

Hello Jeff1,

Clear your browser cache, If the issue is still remains you can view the page source of back-end and find style.css url on that page after that open it in new tab and refresh it some more time.

If you still facing this issue please share your site details so i can look it.