Easy Engine with PHP 7

Hi guys,

Is there any future plan to implement PHP 7 into EE? It seems ondrej PHP 7 repo is live.

I haven’t had the time to test them with EE yet. I did try WP with OpenLitespeed + PHP 7 Alpha before and it seems the performance is quite good.

I think if PHP 7 is stable it could replace HHVM instead of HHVM with PHP-FPM fallback. Less is more.

I’m looking for the same PHP7 solution over HHVM.

Due to many issues with HHVM crashing w/out properly falling back to PHP, incompatibilities with some WP plugins - and because the benchmark scores I’ve seen from several sources show PHP7 performs nearly the same as HHVM, I believe PHP7 is a more solid alternative to meet my needs.

That said, can I simply upgrade to PHP 7 manually without any issues, or are there factors I need to consider for it to work with EE, CLI, etc?

Thank you!

Sometimes, yes. Months ago, some tests have shown the following result:

PHP7 faster than HHVM

HHVM faster than PHP7

IMHO, for WP and/or MediaWiki… HHVM is the best choice. Just it.

Still PHP7 RC phase. Stable? Wait till november.

I’m using PHP 7 RC3 on a very active WP site and it works really great.

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+1 to that

Nice. Did you use Ondrej repository or you compiled it from source? How about the resource usage compared to HHVM?

Using Centminmod, source compiled.

+1 to have PHP RCs included in EE. I’ve had terrible luck with HHVM, it’s simply not happy running much for me without crashing daily.

Perhaps a --develop flag to use dev builds/stacks for php, nginx etc. Speaking of nginx include 1.9.5 already :slight_smile: It would be incredibly ‘cool’ to run multiple versions of php also but I realize that would likely be an issue to maintain.

+1. Afraid to install this outside of EE in case EE breaks.