Easy Engine V4 Subdomain Setup Help

Hi Guys,

I have a EE4 wordpress site setup on a VPS, lets call it example.com. The site is secured and running fine.
I now need to add a subdomain to allow me to use a 3rd party mailing service.
How do i securely add the domain mail.example.com to my already existing EE site, i can’t find instructions for V4.


Anyone? I am sure this is something somebody else has done or come across in EE v4. Any help would be great.

You are just asking for trouble wanting to setup your own mail server. I am not saying you can’t but the amount of work required to setup, maintain, keep off blacklists, etc is way more work than simply installing something like WP Mail SMTP by WPForms to handle all that for you via a trusted mail server.

If you still want to set up your own mail server, you will probably want to setup a docker container you could setup mail server docker container and hook it up with EE’s network. Maybe this: https://github.com/tomav/docker-mailserver/

P.S. Having done both, I would highly recommend you look into WP Mail SMTP by WPForms as it will make your life in the short run and the long run a lot easier. I use Gmail through it and it works great but they have options for other services and also a manual SMTP mode.

Thx @Code_Bear i don’t want to setup my own mail server. I initially looked it up and it would be a nightmare to maintain.

I actually want to use WP Mail SMTP with Mailgun or Amazon SES, but they recommend setting up a subdomain for email instead of using your primary domain. This is to avoid you primary domain being hit negatively if something go wrong with emails. E.g somebody else on your shared mailing IP sending spam email.
I literally just need to be able to setup a secure subdomain on my already existing EEv4 WordPress setup.

I feel there is a bit of confusion on my end but that might be from my lack of knowledge with using a shared VPS. I normally just use Digital Ocean (referral link for $50 if you want to use it) and a setup script like EasyEngine to setup the server for my needs. I don’t have to worry about resource problems with shared services, it is like $5 a month to run my own server, I can run my mail services without any fears of blocked IP addresses or anything because I get my own per server.

As for your update to the problem. I am not sure you have to set up a sub-domain on the server. That should only be required at the DNS lvl since you don’t actually have a service running. That is where my confusion comes in. I am also confused as to what they would be asking of you by setting up a subdomain, there is nothing wrong with using something like mail.example.com but only if you are planning to run your own mail server, because you would want your mail server running on its own subdomain, not just because of blacklists but because of the resources and separation of concerns. But that all aside, I am not actually sure you need to change anything on your server to be able to run WP Mail SMTP on your WordPress site.

Ahh i didn’t realise creating a sub domain via the DNS would suffice. I thought it would have to be a combination of both my digital ocean vps via easy engine as wells as via the DNS management portal.

My VPS set up is more or less the same as yours, it isn’t shared. I was referring to Mailgun when i mentioned shared IP. I am not touching going to attempt my own mail server, that would be a nightmare.


Ya, chances are, if you contact them they will tell you that you need to add a DNS record for that subdomain and it will probably point to one of their mail servers. I am not too sure about setting up a mail server on a sub-domain like that but I am 100% sure that you shouldn’t need to create a sub-domain on your VPS or run any type of application on your VPS to enable that ability.

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Thanks, i have set it up all now.