Dynamic link to media album in menu


Is there a way to have a menu link to the current logged in users rtmedia album?

Thanks for any help!


Hello @mycoinclub,

You can find the menu link under wp user menu like this:

Could you please explain what kind of dynamic link you want? Any screenshot would be helpful to understand your query.



Hi @pranalipatel - I appreciate your reply. What I am trying to do is add the dynamic link in my regular wordpress/buddypress menus at the top of my website. So it would go along with “Activity, Notifications, Messages, etc” - but add the dynamic “Media” menu link there, so people can go directly to their media from the main menu. Hope this makes sense!


Hello @mycoinclub,

There is not any option available for this as of now. However, we can guide on how you can write a custom code for yourself for this.

You can refer this sample code for the same - https://gist.github.com/1naveengiri/d3c6d5594035e9f63a59b7149e32546e

I hope it helps you.