Dutch translation completed



Just finished dutch translation.
Can you generate the MO file so that I can translate my site or provide directions how to generate myself?

Here is the project;
If I made any mistakes, feel free to correct them :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great plugin!


@rjpj thank you for your contribution. we will check it and update it soon.



Thanks! Noticed that there were 23 untranslated strings so added these as well. Should now be complete.

Thanks again!


@rjpj yes, i just update it.

also import new mo file and releasing today.



Got the 3.2.6 version, great!
Keep up the good work!



Did not find the time to work on the site I am currently working on (for which I made this translation), but while checking it out I discovered a problem;

There is still some English content. This text appears on the activity stream.

I had a look at the translation I made and that text is translated;

What is going on?

Screenshot added.

Robert Jacobs

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@rjpj - Sorry for the inconvenience. The domain parameter was not passed for that string.

We have rectified this and it should be available in the next release. You could get the rectified version from GitHub here -> https://github.com/rtCamp/rtMedia if required.