Duplicate activity on multiple clicks of send button

Hi, I have noted that rtmedia plugin is the cause for duplicate activity posting if you click multiple times on the send button.

If I deactivate rtmedia plugin the problem is solved.

This thread helps but I can’t get working https://buddypress.org/support/topic/unable-to-disable-double-click-on-post-update/#post-257100

Is there a good way to solve this? This would be solved on a new version?


Hello @ggsalas,

This is already fixed and released with the latest version of rtMedia 4.2. Please update the plugin to it’s latest version on your website and let us know if it is working fine for you.

Thank you, Pranali

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You have right. Now is working. Thank you!

You are welcome @ggsalas,

We are glad to know that your issue has been fixed.

We are closing this topic for now. Feel free to create new if you have any doubts.

Thank you, Pranali