Drupal with Easy Engine

With the intention to have an active discussion on Drupal with Easy Engine, inviting others!

EasyEngine is a tool which can use LEMP very efficiently, I must say that only limiting it to wordpress is not acceptable :stuck_out_tongue: !

Keeping simplicity in mind, I propose that with Easy Engine being so powerful, I think we all can take it even further and with not only just drupal and even other scripts too.

I know its too much to ask for but I ask fellow users to start with drupal or just any other script.

Anyways looking for people who’re intrested.

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One thing I know about this community is how they welcome ideas. I definitely agree with you about the efficiency of EE in its deployment of the LEMP Stack. While I have nothing to do with the development of EE, I do think EE could be adapted to be more than a tool for WordPress. However, this would require a larger investment in the development of EE and more support from the communities involved.

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That’s true, appreciate for your feedback.