Drupal sites

As WP and Drupal share many stack requirements, how much work would it be to add Drupal sites to mix?

Nothing much i am working on Drupal site with easy engine. YOu just in the last need to enable FTP, and configure some few other things, then all is good.

I think no one should have to ask what are the “few other things”.

But, please, what are the “few other things” one must configure in order to run Drupal in EE?

Haha, just setup SFTP, then follow Drupal installation guide and chmod few directories, install php and a database and finished.

Note: I have completed the basic installation and not trying to setup a FTP Server.

I’m bit busy so here’s the procedure which I followed.

I created this site, you can check -

The method which I followed was: 1.ee site create abc.com --php7 --myself --letsencrypt

2.cd /var/www/college.ashishdungdung.com/htdocs

  1. wget https://www.drupal.org/files/projects/drupal-8.3.5.tar.gz

  2. tar -zxvf drupal-8.3.5.tar.gz

  3. Used FTP client and moved files to its webroot,

  4. Changed some file and folder permissions according to the install guide

  5. Added the database info from config file

  6. Competed the installation.

  7. Viola Enjoying Drupal.

  8. Saw that everything works :wink:

  9. Trying to install FTP Server as you need to make it more robust and simple.

  10. Looking for an easy way to do this, as feeling lazy.

You can have a look on the demo site.