Dovecot Unable to Start during Boot

I have am running a fresh installation of Ubuntu Desktop 14.04.3. Dovecot is unable to be initiated during the boot process.

When I examine boot.log, I see the message “Starting dovecot - pop3/imap mail server [ fail ]

Under mail.err, I see the error message “fatal: no SASL authentication mechanisms”.

Once again, this is a brand new, vanilla installation, of Ubuntu 14.04.3. After installation of EasyEngine, I run the commands sudo ee stack install --all After installation of the stack, I notice is that certain applications lose their ability to open, i.e. gedit, and the machine will require a reboot. After reboot, applications resume with normal functionality, but dovecot fails to initiate during startup. No other sofware, aside from EasyEngine has been installed on the machine. (Thirds party software bundled with Ubuntu setup was installed)

The command sudo service dovecot status yields dovecot stop/waiting.

The answer:

SSL certs and keys were not created during the installation of EE. /etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-ssl.conf pointed to non-existent keys. I rerouted them to new keys.