Double name under media upload for groups

Hi Guys

my testers have spotted another small issue, when uploading media files to the media>upload tab under groups in BP.

When a user uploads a media file this way, on the groups activity wall, the users name is displayed twice. You can see that in the attachments. You guys have credentials for our test site, you can test this for yourself.

Any idea why this is happening, or how to fix it?

Many thanks for your assistance.


Please disable “BuddyPress Usernames Only” plugin from your website. It will not override the display name.


Hi Nitun

why? Doing so would fundamentally alter the entire layout and structure of the site, leaving the particularly ugly “enter your username twice on registration” design flaw in BP, as well as the massively inconsistent and random displaying of WP username, BP username, nice name, display name across the website.

At no other place or on any other plugin is this causing anything to display the username twice.

Hello @AdamK,

You will need to check the incompatibility or conflict between plugins by deactivating them one by one and check when the current issue gets fixed.

This way we can find the cause of this issue. @nitunlanjewar has suggested you a plugin you can start testing with and which can possibly resolve the issue.


Hi Pranali don’t worry my developer found the bug in rtMedia and fixed it.

Hi @AdamK,

We are glad to know that your issue has been fixed.

Would you like to share how you fixed the issue? This can be useful to other users facing any such issue.

Additionally, our team will also dig the cause of this issue as your developer has fixed the issue in rtMedia plugin.


Hi I am not sure to be honest I will ask her.

No problem @AdamK,

Thanks for the update.

Regards, Pranali