Domain Mapping not working -> Welcome to nginx page

Hi folks,

I recently installed a new VPS using Easy Engine on a Digital Ocean droplet with the purpose of migrating my existing DO droplet which is based on Apache, PHP5 and has a Wordpress Multisite.

Migrating the plugins, content and media isn’t a problem at all, but domain mapping is giving me an issue. I successfully installed the plugin, and changed to configuration files. Adding domains works flawlessy, but when I type in my mapped domain it just goes to the standard ‘Welcome to Nginx’ page. My DNS settings for the domain are correct. Also cleared cache, that didn’t help either.

I attached my nginx.conf file in .zip format. Does anyone have an idea? Some people have suggested to uncomment some lines but I can’t seem to find that config file.

Thanks a bunch in advance, and aside from this small issue I’m really loving EE & Nginx. (1.5 KB)

My apologies for the shameless self-bump, but does anyone have an idea what the issue might be? Right now I’ve transfered back to Apache and I’d really like to get a taste of Nginx.