Domain Mapping broken - Welcome to Nginx page


Hey there rtCommunity,

I recently installed a new VPS using Easy Engine on a Digital Ocean droplet with the purpose of migrating my existing DO droplet which is based on Apache, PHP5 and has a Wordpress Multisite.

Migrating the plugins, content and media isn’t a problem at all, but domain mapping is giving me an issue. I successfully installed the plugin, and changed to configuration files. Adding domains works flawlessy, but when I type in my mapped domain it just goes to the standard ‘Welcome to Nginx’ page. My DNS settings for the domain are correct. Also cleared cache, that didn’t help either.

I attached my nginx.conf file in .zip format. Does anyone have an idea? Some people have suggested to uncomment some lines but I can’t seem to find that config file.


Sometimes, depending on your domain names, the default vhost causes some kind of conflict with the other vhosts.

I’d try renaming the default vhost in order to force it to be loaded after all others:

cd /etc/nginx/sites-enabled
mv default zzzz-default
service nginx reload

WordPress-Multisite + Domain-Mapping