Domain change causing redirect to old domain (SOLVED)


I am migrating a server to EE as well as changing the domain name. Now it appears everything is setup correctly, new domain name servers pointing to my new EE server.

I had migrated the old site over also and change siteurl & home url to the new domain, wp-config.php prefix matches database etc.

Nameservers seem to have taken also.

Now when I enter in the new URL, I get redirected to the old domain.

I then got sick of it all and tried deleting the site on my EE server and created another blank WP site using the new domain and this didn’t work either. I am still getting redirected.

It’s as if the domain name is setup to redirect to the old one. But I can’t find anything like that setup. On my new EE server there is no mention to the old site now (as using 2016 theme and stock EE setting).

Anyone have any ideas?

Did you update your WordPress database in order to replace the old domain with the new one?


Yes I did.

turns out that the DNS took longer than usual to propagate and the domain name was redirecting to the old domain before it propagated, which lead me to believe it was a WP problem. When I couldn’t find any issues on that end I started looking back at the domain side of things.

Had it directed me to crazydomains I would have know it hadn’t propagated yet, but it didn’t. So that wasted half a day haha.

Thanks for the help though.