Does v4 have SSL Auto-Renew


Is your SSL cert suppose to auto-renew on v4 or is that feature not out yet? I have looked around but I can only find documentation about v3 auto-renewal. It seems, or at least for my sites, that v4 doesn’t set up auto-renew by default.


Same question here…
How to auto-renew on v4?
Haven’t find any documentation about it.


I use this:

ee cron create host --command=‘0 0 * * 0 ee site update –le=renew –all 2> /dev/null’ --schedule=’@every 1680h’

I found out you cannot try to renew your cert when it still have more than 30 days life, so I use it to renew after 80 days.

Plus, the cron must be created at host in order to accept ee commands

I know its not exactly what @Code_Bear is looking for, but its the closest I got


it not working for me


This is a major issue. Anyone here from EasyEngine team who can give feedback on this? Aan it be fixed on next EasyEngine update?


Did you guys check EE’s GitHub repo? They just released v4.0.13.

What’s Changed


To auto-renew SSL in EE first of all update it to latest version, then you have to add the following command in daily cron job and it will renew certs of all sites:

ee site ssl-renew --all

Note: The sites who have wildcard certificate or whose certificates have been requested by dns method will not auto-renew. If you even want them to auto-renew, ensure those sites are on Cloudflare and then add cloudflare API key in easyengine config.


Why don’t EE creates the SSL Auto-Renew cronjob in a automatic way? If there are websites with SSL, EE should auto create the cronjob. What do you think? Add this feature in a new update?


So EE4 doesn’t setup an auto-renew cron job?