Does this plugin work with kaltura ce?

I’m curious if this plugin works with the kaltura ce edition or not. I’m also curious to find out if installing ce has become any easier than it was previously or if there is anyone available to install it with experience.

Hey Shawn,

Yes, it works with kaltuaCE. Just put your KalturaCE's address instead of and done!
KalturaCE 2.0 has cool new interface with better performance than 1.5 beta.
We ( provide professional support of KalturaCE installation.
Please check here. We have given complete solution of 
Nginx(Web Server)-Buddypress configuration, Customization of Buddypress Media Component, Buddypress Child Theme,
KalturaCE installation,
KalturaCE CDN setup.
Other than that, you can also have a look services we provide.