Does the new plugin come with kaltura support?

I saw the announcement about buddypress media not requiring kaltura anymore. I’m more curious, is kaltura integration still included natively for those of us on ce 5? (soon to be ce6).

I have a separate kaltura cluster setup totally independent of my WordPress servers and would hate to be saving any media onto the WordPress servers when I have kaltura available.

If not… looking forward to testing when it does come out. Totally hooked on kaltura :slight_smile:

@shawn: Right now we’ve not provided the Kaltura support but its surely “Coming Soon”…
The way we’re going to implement is that admins can switch between various different hostings like Local(current), Kaltura, YouTube, Vimeo etc


I’m glad to hear that kaltura support isn’t being dropped. The combination of kaltura, buddypress, and your plugin is quite powerful.


This is Rahul form BuddyPress-media plugin team.

I wanted to ask you if Kaltura provides upgrades between community editions?

2 years back, they did not provide upgradation between Kalture CE 1 & 2. That was a reason our plugin broke at that time and users left stranded.

This time, we have developed our plugin in modular way, with a design where nobody can lock-in users. We will definitely support Kaltura CE & few more services for converting & serving videos but users will always have control over data.

I asked about upgrade from KCE5 to 6 because, it may happen that we will provide add-on for KCE6 and it will happen again that KCE5 users won’t be able to upgrade to KCE6 (making our add-on useless for old Kaltura users…)

I have heard that they are working on an upgrade module from CE5 to CE6 though there are no specifics yet.

Either way it is possible to do a manual upgrade. It is NOT easy, and does take a huge amount of work, but it is possible. There are literally thousands of self hosted CE5 installs running, and having zero path to upgrade to CE6 would be the death of the company (LOL I exagerate)

I am currently running CE5, but will upgrade to CE6 the moment it becomes available. Not sure there is a public alpha yet even though I know behind the scenes they have been working on it.

Is there by any chance an ETA on kaltura with rtcamp?

I am finally in position to be able to do some real testing if so. I have buddypress setup on a multi-server, multi-db setup as well as my entire kaltura server cluster. While kaltura is rock solid, I do have to say that so far I am not at all impressed with the number of bugs still present in buddyPress 1.7. I wish they followed the same path that WordPress does with trunk, where it is still usable on a daily basis. Right now it’s ‘somewhat’ stable, but I’m not sure I trust it in a public environment yet. Problem is downgrading buddyPress means I am missing out on so many features.

In the end, I just need a very robust media platform to tie together WordPress and Kaltura. I hope it’s buddyPress, but if not, I wont be heart broken.

*If you need to contact me, email is best as I don’t come by here very often.

Hi @shawn,

I'm pleased to say that we've released the BudyPress Media Kaltura Addon. As you've mentioned, I'll email you separately.


Does it work with the new Kaltura 6.0?